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The Letter
By:Kevin Kinard
Published on 2009-09-28 by Xlibris Corporation

Life can change in the blink of an eye or even be destroyed by the love of someones heart. Jacob Tyler Banks was born with two loveable parents. His father, Tyler, is one of the best lawyers in town while his beautiful mother takes care of the things at home. His life was smooth sailing until it drastically turned around when he met a lovely girl named Rachael Stone. Find yourself riveted with a love story like no other with The Letter. Tyler Banks is a busy man. Too busy with a line of clients each day, he only has limited time to be with his beautiful wife and son. Fairly detached from his family, he has a dark secret that he has kept for more than twenty years. But that secret is about to be revealed unless he is going to do something about it. But can he really carry out his plan that could break his sons heart and leave him emotionally wounded forever? Lynn Banks is a stay-home mom and wife. She has everything she ever wanted. She loves her husband and son so much that she doesnt want them to get hurt in any way. But what they didnt know is that she actually lived two different lives and it is all up to her if she prolongs this pain that has been kept buried in her heart for so many years. Follow the different characters stories of love, lust, deceit, and pain and see if love can truly conquer everything in this riveting story.

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